“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."  

- The Bhagavad Gita



My Yoga Journey 

My yoga journey began off the mat in a place so many of us go to everyday...the office. After years of being a high anxiety corporate employee focused on the future and careless about the present moment, I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to change my career as well as my thoughts, words, actions and how I existed in this world everyday.

After beginning a regular yoga practice, it wasn't long before I experienced a profound inner transformation that helped me find a sense of calm and balance in mind, body and spirit. I had more control over my mood, my energy increased and my attitude shifted from pessimist to optimist no matter what the situation. It was from my own transformation that I set out with excitement and passion to share my yoga with others and promote a lifestyle of balance and connection with ourselves and others.

My yoga training is rooted in the traditional teachings of Hatha yoga with a focus on the vinyasa flow method to purify the body, calm the mind and open the heart by moving fluidly with breath through physical postures. My philosophy is that there is no one 'best' form of yoga practice, so I try to incorporate learnings from all styles into my classes so each student can find what feels best in his or her own body. Yoga for me goes far beyond the mastery of the asanas (poses) and the linking of breath to movement; yoga is a way of living and being in this world that allows me to be my best self and live with a sense of inner calm each and every day.

My classes are energizing yet calming, structured yet creative, and open to all levels to meet each student where they are today. I give priority to proper physical alignment and the use of breath work to energetically guide students through their practice with strength, steadiness and ease while helping them to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves both physically and mentally.

I work to make yoga accessible and fun for people who might be intimidated  by trendy yoga studios or who simply think "yoga just isn't for me." I enjoy working with new practitioners while also creating space for more advanced yogis who wish to dive deeper into yoga as a lifestyle off of their mats. 

My private teaching is tailored to the individual(s)...all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls. Together, we'll work to create a yoga practice that suits you best so you can move towards greater flexibility, increased physical strength, mental clarity and total wellness in your life. Contact me TODAY!


Private Yoga

  • Are you new to yoga & want to practice at your own pace? 
  • Feeling intimidated by large yoga studios and/or crowded classes?
  • Looking to deepen your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home? 
  • Interested in learning how to hack yoga into all areas of your life?
  • Have a group of friends or co-workers who want to practice together with more 1:1 attention? 
60-minute session - $45
30 minute session - $25
5 Pack (60 min) - $225
Group session - $125
*Private sessions up to 2 people
**Group sessions for 5+ people



Community Yoga

Check back often for the latest community events!



Yoga is Balance.
Yoga is Connection.
Yoga is You.

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